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    EMIYA (Emiya Shirou): we know this one being
    Archerfrom Fate/Stay Night. a future
    version of Emiya Shirou
    EMIYA (Emiya Kiritsugu): This one if from Fate/Grand
    as an AssassinServant who is Kiritsugu,
    Shirou’s adoptive father

Assassin’s True Name is EMIYA, Kiritsugu Emiya. An assassin who
was incarnated as an agent of the Counter Force. Originally, he was
not a Heroic Spirit. Although he was an individual who murdered
many people as an assassin, his existence has not been engraved in
the Throne of Heroes. One of the “imitation Heroic Spirits” also
referred to as Counter Guardians, and someone who would have never
existed in the proper human history. Yet, this “if that might have
been” possibility exists now only due to the threat that attempts
to destroy human history itself from its very foundation… in the
Grand Order case alone. His soul was called out from the circle of
deterrence in response to this threat.

Devil Saber is a Counter Guardian formed through Sakura Saber’s
spiritual foundation taking in a Holy Grail filled with Seven
Servants. Essentially an Okita Alter, her ascension grants her
support from the Counter Force.

    TOHSAKA: first appearing as a Master(and not a
    Servant) in Capsule Servantwhich was a side
    game that was released with the PS Vita version of Fate/Hollow
    . as you can tell by the name she is Tohsaka Rin who
    became a Counter Guardian in a world where Shirou didn’t

TOHSAKA is a “miraculous” Heroic Spirit born in a world line in
which Shirou Emiya did not become the Heroic Spirit EMIYA.

Because of her severe debt, she made a contract with the World
to become a Heroic Spirit. Having decided that there were too many
Grail Wars occurring across the different dimensions, and because
she was a relatively new Heroic Spirit, the World tasked TOHSAKA
with destroying the various Holy Grails, reducing her debt slightly
for each one eliminated.

しかし、 Koha-Ace の性質が自己認識し、 Capsule Servant

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