Goal: To build muscle and lose fat. (possible, please see)





5 days a week (1-hour max/session), hitting body parts twice per
week in the evening (except abs), and will be lifting heavy.

Abs (Whole core): Daily, first thing in the morning (for
frequency, please seesee)


訓練の日には45分歩き、朝の直後にはabs   トレーニング。






11:00 am:茹でたジャガイモ3〜4牛ケバブ、乳清25g


1:30 pm:Chapatis OR白菜または野菜カレーOR牛肉OR   チキン。


7:00 pm(ワークアウト前):バナナ4個、日付4個


8:45 pm(運動後):25gホエイ


10:00 pm:牛乳の入った卵3個





  • Don’t chase two things at the same time. Pick either muscle gain
    or fat loss as your goal. 6 months in is still relatively new to
    the game so even if you choose to lose fat, you’ll still make
    gains. I would highly recommend you first lose fat as you’re
    already at 20% (if that is accurate, leading to the next

  • I would get a DXA scan if I were you because calculations tend
    to be iffy. If your TDEE is actually a lot lower, you could be
    setting yourself up for failure.

  • Make sure you understand the concept of macros and cutting. TRACK EVERY CALORIE that
    goes into your mouth. Use myfitnesspal which is one of the best
    calorie trackers on the market and its free (or another one

  • Incorporate fasted cardio (walks are a good start but maybe find
    a way to up the intensity?) and look into intermittent fasting or
    caffeine in the morning. Your meal plan right now seems to have a
    lot of your food earlier in the day. Have you considered it might
    make you lethargic or spike insulin earlier? A lot of these factors
    might affect your ability to carry out your meal plan.

  • I think right now you’re current meal plan is heavily carb
    focused and does not include much leafy greens/fiber. For example,
    your meal after your morning 45 minute walk/ab workout, you taken
    in 4 bananas, 25g whey and 1 cup of milk. 4 bananas alone is 420
    calories and has 56g of sugar. Your shake comes out to over 500
    cals. That’s more than you’d burn walking. I don’t know your food
    restrictions but I strongly suggest you watch the video I linked to
    get an idea of proper macronutrient splits. Time your meals
    according to your energy needs as well. Idealistic thinking will
    only lead you to jumping off the wagon early.



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