I have looked long and hard to try and find a guide/video on
creating a webform so members/non-members can registered and pay
for an event. Can some kind person please please help me with a
step by step guide please. I have already created the two events
see here.. I just need to
create the webform for the users to enter their details > Then
select one or both events > Then pay for the event(s) >
receive confirmation email > Details are updated in CiviCRM for
that event.


申し訳ありませんが私はより詳細に説明します: 私たちは約5,000人の会員組織です。

So presently we have two events coming up in a few months, one
is a paid event and cost £50 for members or £90 for non members.
Then the other event is free ONLY for members. So I need to be able
to create a Event registration webform to allow the user (member or
non member)to completed the form with the standard name address
email and contact number, then select one or more of the events
that they may wish to go to. Then finally pay for the events within
the form and be sent a confirmation once completed. I know that
this is totally possible, but have go stuck at the point of listing
the events. See here what I have done so far.. I have already
set up then events in the Manage Events … Event1:
Configure Event – First steps to success – how to start to build
your business: for the newly qualified reflexologist Event2:

私はちょうどステップガイドによるステップが必要です これは十分な情報であることを願っていますか?



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