Drupal Webformからカスタム日付フィールドを挿入する

I’m trying to set up a Drupal Webform that
will (among other things), automatically update a custom date field
in the connected CiviCRM contact record. The date field in the
webform is hidden, and I’m using Drupal Tokens
to generate the date/time when the form is submitted; in the
webform results I see the correctly generated date and time, but it
isn’t then passed to the custom date field in the contact record.
(I’ve tried this with both date & time and date being recorded in
the CiviCRM custom field, and with different date tokens generated
by the webform – none seem to work).



私はDrupal 7.59とCiviCRM 5.0.2を使用しています


私たちは、この例の日付(許可エンティティのカスタムフィールド)を使用しています – 私はチェックしました –

enter image description here

enter image description here

So try this: set the date field to NOW -> using the method I
described here:
How can I create early bird fees with Webform CiviCRM?
for your Date fields;



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