I execute jmeter script via Blazemeter and I got 2% error. Is it
a acceptable rate? enter image description here

In detail report I observed 1353 request are failed. I just run
the script for one user. In that case non of the request doesn’t
fail. So is that failures are due to performance issue? enter image description here

Following is summary of the report. Kindly help me to anlyse
this. enter image description here



通常、最大応答時間、最小スループット、許容エラー数などは、 SLA または NFR

  1. Check your application log file(s), they should have some
    information regarding the failure
  2. Check status message and code in .jtl results file. Sometimes it
    also makes sense to “tell” JMeter to save response data for failed
    samplers by adding the next lines to
  3. Make sure you add the load gradually, this way
    you will be able to correlate increasing error rate with increasing
    number of users and will be able to determine exact point of time
    when first error occurred
  4. Get used to monitoring whether your application under test has
    enough headroom to operate in terms of CPU, RAM, Network, Disk,
    etc. It can be done using JMeter PerfMon Plugin
  5. If you have ability to read and understand the code in the
    language your application is written in – it would be beneficial if
    you could run your test with profiler tool telemetry enabled, this
    is probably the most efficient way to identify the performance
    problem in your application.


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