Roy Mustangの炎の錬金術はなぜ機能するのですか?


Now, the animes claim he generates explosions by altering oxygen
density profiles in the air and triggering a reaction by creating a
spark. See under ‘Abilities’ here:









  • The mechanism does not necessarily involve chemistry. The
    Crimson Alchemist creates explosions by combining contradictory
    alchemical symbols.
  • An unstable explosive such as tetranitromethane or
    nitroglycerin could be formed in gaseous state.
  • My preferred one is for Mustang to produce large quantities of
    nitric oxide (NO). There is a slow reaction where 2NO -> N2 + O2
    which is exothermic but NO is considered non-flammable. This is
    because the reaction is slow without a catalyst because the NO
    molecules have to collide to react. At very high concentrations
    with other chemicals, a spark, and magic (alchemy), I like to
    imagine Mustang can induce a suitable violent reaction which I
    couldn’t get to working in a lab. The actual difficulty is finding
    a high heat of formation molecule containing only N, O, and C
    stable enough to disperse harmlessly without decomposing if he
    can’t ignite it. Several such compounds probably exist but it isn’t
    necessarily something that if familiar or can even has been
    synthesized in the real world. I suspect NO is too stable but is a
    starting point. NO (nitric oxide) explosions have been observed and
    require a spark to get started but also require some other fuel to
    be present.



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